Financial Management Bill 2015 No. 41


Second Reading

Mr VALENTINE (Hobart) – Mr President, what concerns me is that you have an organisation like MAST bringing forward an issue to the Council at such a late moment.  They obviously were not made aware of this bill and the amendments to the act.  From that perspective alone, I would be happy to support the member for Apsley’s motion for adjournment so that we can be assured that each of the boards involved are aware of the changes that are to be made and how it might impact them.  That is the only concern I have.

There are many aspects to the bill and I can understand why the Government may be going down this path.  However, it concerns me that we have had one of the boards come to us at such a late moment and have had to resort to this avenue to brief this House on their concerns.  For that reason I think there might be an argument and I will listen to the debate for the adjournment.  Let’s face it, it is not going to be put in to play until July 2017 so there should be plenty of time to have their concerns properly considered.  They may not have concerns.  They may be in the same position as MAST and have not had the opportunity to have that conversation.

Ms Rattray – Or have that conversation at board level.

Mr VALENTINE – As you were saying about the Botanical Gardens, the Chair of the board was not even aware, so it is a concern from that perspective.  I will support the adjournment.  I will listen to the debate.