First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2015 No. 23

Read into Hansard on Wednesday 24th June 2015


Second Reading

[5.48 p.m.]

Mr VALENTINE (Hobart) – Mr President, I also believe it would be good to see it as a first homebuyers’ grant rather than a first home builders’ grant, for two reasons. With the first home builders’ grant, you end up deflating the value of every other house. As soon as you build a new house, it means those that are out there already built and vacant are not being occupied. The number of houses available on the market increases and that means it reduces the value, in effect. That might sound like twisted logic but it is a fact. If you make it a first homebuyers’ grant, that is different. No matter which house they buy, it is encouraging a turnover of houses. If people want to build a new home, they can also apply for it as long as it is their first home.

There was a query about the first home builder. I am presuming it is always identified that it is the first home that matters as opposed to the first home that couple has built. It is a fine point but there might be some consideration given there by the Leader. She may be able to confirm that it definitely is the first home that will be occupied that is being built by a couple.