Kennerley Trust Bill 2015 No. 29

Read into Hansard on Wednesday 19th August 2015


Second Reading

[4.19 p.m.]

Mr VALENTINE (Hobart) – Mr President, I would certainly want information about the Kennerley Trust constitution to be provided before we go forward with this bill because I have some concerns about aspects of that.  That would be my issue.  I understand why the member for Murchison wants to drill down into certain aspects, and that she has not yet had the time to do so.  I would support that position if one our members needs information that is pertinent.  If it is of no great impost in terms of time, why not allow that time?

[4.48 p.m.]

Mr VALENTINE (Hobart) – Mr President, after reading the rules of association there, it raises another question for me with regard to the trust deed which I do not have before me and would need to delve further into.  I too will support the adjournment being put forward, as I did last time, but I did not yell loudly enough.  I have a concern about what the status of the trust deed is at the moment in terms of its content.  I certainly would appreciate further time and therefore I will support the adjournment.

Debate adjourned.

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