Speeches to Bills – 2017

13th Apr  Aboriginal Relics Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2017

6th Apr  Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill No. 54 of 2016

21st Sep  Cable Car (kunanyi/Mount Wellington) Facilitation Bill No. 50 of 2017

20th Jun  Consolidated Fund Appropriation Bill (No.1) No. 31 of 2017 – in Committee

17th Aug  Court Security Bill No. 9 of 2017

23rd Aug  Education Amendment Bill No. 46 of 2017

24th May  Electricity Supply Industry Amendment (Pricing) Bill No. 26 of 2017

15th Nov  Evidence & Related Legislation Amendment Bill No. 45 of 2017

16th Aug  Expungement of Historical Offences Bill No. 17 of 2017

5th Apr  Family Violence Reforms Bill No. 72 of 2016

16th Nov  Family Violence Amendment Bill No. 51 of 2017

27th Sep  Finfish Farming Environment Regulation Bill No. 47 of 2017

16th Mar  Fire Services Amendment Bill No. 62 of 2016

22nd Jun  Fire Service (Extension of Regulations) Bill 2017 (No. 37)

24th May  Forestry (Unlocking Production Forests) Bill No.6 of 2017

15th Nov  Glenorchy City Council (Dismissal of Councillors) Bill No. 61 of 2017

24th May  Government House Land Amendment Bill No. 4 of 2017

24th May  Integrity Commission Amendment Bill No. 28 of 2017

22nd Jun  Land Use Planning&Approvals Amendment (Transitional Provisions) Bill 2017 (No. 40)

4th Apr  Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Amendment Bill (No.2) No. 19 of 2017

23rd May  Living Marine Resources Management Amendment Bill No. 14 of 2017

31st May  Local Government Amendment (Rates) Bill No. 7 of 2017

28th Sep  Local Government Amendment (Targeted Review) Bill No. 49 of 2017

28th Sep  Mineral Resources Development Amendment Bill No. 38 of 2017

22nd Jun  Neighbourhood Disputes About Plants Bill No. 8 of 2017

23rd Aug  Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Amendment Bill No. 30 of 2017

1st Jun  Payroll Tax Rebate (Apprentices, Trainees & Youth Employees) Bill No. 33 of 2017

24th May  Police Powers & Related Legislation (Evasion) Bill No. 20 of 2017

24th Aug  Public Health Amendment (Healthy Tasmania) Bill No. 35 of 2017

16th Aug  Removal of Fortifications Bill No. 16 of 2017

24th Aug  Road Safety (Alcohol & Drugs) Amendment Bill No. 29 of 2017

15th Mar  Sentencing Amendment (Assault on Frontline Workers) Bill No. 63 of 2016

15th Mar  Sentencing Amendment (Fines Without Recording Convictions) Bill No. 59 of 2016

21st Jun  Sentencing Amendment (Mandatory Sentencing for Serious Sexual Assault Against Children) Bill No. 27 of 2017

22nd Nov  Sentencing Amendment (Phasing Out of Suspended Sentences) Bill No. 55 of 2017

15th Mar  Sentencing Amendment (Racial Motivation) Bill No. 64 of 2016

29th Nov  Sentencing Amendment (Sentences of Imprisonment) Bill No. 54 of 2017

1st Jun  Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery Bill No. 18 of 2017

1st Jun  Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation Amendment (Mersey Community Hospital) Bill No. 34 of 2017

1st Jun  Taxation & Grants Legislation (Housing Construction Amendments) Bill No. 36 of 2017

12th Apr  Taxation & Related Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill No. 12 of 2017

16th Mar  TT-Line Vessel Replacement Fund Bill 2016 (No. 71) 

5th Apr  Valuation of Land Amendment Bill No. 69 of 2016

5th Apr  Vehicle & Traffic Amendment (Offensive Advertising) Bill No. 2 of 2017

22nd Nov  Water & Sewerage Tasmania Bill No. 41 of 2017

16th Aug  Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation Amendment Bill No. 66 of 2016

29th Nov  Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation Amendment (Presumption of Cause of Disease) Bill No. 64 of 2017