to Notices of Motion

2014-OCT28  Adoptions in Tasmania – Appointment of a Select Committee

2017-APR04  Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill No. 54 of 2016

2016-SEP13  Backpacker Tax – Lobby to Rescind

2016-APR05  Government Administration Committee B – Built Heritage Tourism in Tasmania – Final Report – Consideration & Noting

2017-21NOV  Child & Family Centres in Tasmania – Final Report – Consideration & Noting

2017-15AUG Report of the Commissioner for Children & Young People – Consideration & Noting

2015-NOV17  China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

2017-NOV21  Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Recommendation – Humanitarian Crisis – Rohingya Community

2014-AUG14 Condolence Motion – His Excellency the Hon Peter Underwood AC

2014-AUG21 Condolence Motion – Downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

2013-OCT15  Condolence Motion – Mr. Darryl Gerrity

2015-JUN25  Condolence Motion – Mayor Barry Jarvis

2014-SEP04  Condolence Motion – Mrs Lorna Doone Pleasance Kennedy AO

2013-NOV21  Consideration of Aboriginal Lands Amendment Bill 2012 No. 27

2015-OCT13  Container Deposit System – Introduction

2017-NOV28  Constitutional Power to Reject Money Bills – Removal

2016-MAY24  CSIRO – Impacts of Jobs Cuts

2013-NOV19  Development of a Pulp Mill

2012-OCT30  Draft Proclamation Under Nature Conservation Act 2002

2016-AUG09  Drinking Water Data – Reporting in Real Time

2017-AUG15  Economic Benefit of Investment in Infrastructure

2015-SEP15   Exercise of Conscience Vote on Social Issues by Federal Parliamentarians

2017-May23  Special Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Public Accounts – Failure to Comply with Summons – Consideration & Noting

2017-NOV28  Firearms Amendment Regulations – Disallowance

2012-AUG30 Forestry Tasmania – Matter of Urgent Public Importance

2012-SEP25  Forestry Tasmania – Motion without Notice

2015-AUG18 Forestry Tasmania Review Steering Committee Final Report – Consideration & Noting

2013-AUG27  Frank McDonald Memorial Prize

2017-OCT19  Future Gaming Markets – Report of the Joint Select Committee – Consideration & Noting

2016-AUG10  Joint Select Committee on Future Gaming Markets – Appointment

2016-JUN02  Joint Select Committee on Greyhound Racing in Tasmania – Extension of Reporting Date

2016-SEP20  Report of the Joint Select Committee on Greyhound Racing in Tasmania – Consideration & Noting

2015-SEP15   Select Committee Report: Growing Tasmania’s Economy – Consideration & Noting

2012-OCT30  High Cost Penalty Rates

2015-AUG20  Human Services – Matter of Public Importance

2012-AUG21  Importation of Poppy Products

2013-AUG20  Integrated Sustainable Public Transport System in Southern Tasmania

2016-AUG09  In-Principle Support to Same-Sex Marriage

2013-OCT29  Junk Food – Availability in Hospitals

2015-APR21 Report of Government Administration Committee A on Legalised Medicinal Cannabis – Consideration & Noting

2015-NOV17  Lonely Planet – Comments on Environmental Issues in Tasmania

2015-MAR24  Major Energy Entities – Establishment of Inquiry and Report

2015-NOV10  Management & Disposal of Waste Tyres in Tasmania

2015-NOV17  Michelle Payne – 2015 Melbourne Cup Winner

2014-MAY24  MLCs who are Ministers at HoA Question Time

2017-MAY23  North East Railway Line

2017-OCT17  Northern Correctional Centre

2012-NOV15  The Nut State Reserve at Stanley

2012-NOV13  Organ Donation – Opt-Out System

2012-OCT16  Overseas Investment in Tasmanian Industries

2016-MAY25  Parliamentary Salaries & Allowances Act – Disallowance of Pay Increase

2012-NOV20  Proposed Rural Road Speed Limit Reduction

2016-AUG09  Protecting Tasmanian Whisky

2016-MAy24  Report of the Joint Select Committee on Preventative Health Care Consideration & Noting

2015-APR21  Quorum Calls of the Legislative Council

2014-MAY27 Re-Establishment of Two Government Administration Sessional Committees

2014-JUN24  Referral to Committee B – Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Bill 2014 No. 6

2014-SEP24  Referral to Committee B – Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill 2014 No. 15

2012-NOV20 Regional Land Use Strategies & the Interim Planning Schemes

2012-AUG21 Restricting Access to Tobacco Products

2014-OCT28 Review of the Solar Energy Program and Feed-in Tariff

2014-OCT28  Review of the Tasmanian State Service

2016-AUG16  Safe Homes, Safe Families, Tasmania’s Family Violence Action Plan

2015-MAY26  Auditor-General Report No. 8 2014-15 – Security of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Infrastructure – Consideration & Noting

2016-MAY24  Sharing in Local Government Reform, Parliamentary Internship Paper – Consideration & Noting

2017-NOV14  Shaun Bartlett – Ongoing Suspension – Ashley Youth Detention Centre

2016-AUG16  Spending Wisely: Analysis of Innovative Government Funding of the Tasmanian Arts – Parliamentary Intern Paper

2017-SEP20  Suspension of Standing Orders re Mineral Resources Development Amendment Bill 2017

2017-MAY23  Tamar Valley Power Station

2016-OCT11  Government Administration Committee B – Report on the Tasmanian Electoral CommissionConsideration & Noting

2016-OCT11  Appointment of a Select Committee – Tasmanian Child & Family Centres

2013-MAR19  Select Committee Report: Tasmanian Forest Agreement Bill 2012 – Consideration & Noting

2013-AUG13  Tasmanian Forest Agreement – Initial Proposed Reserve Order 2013

2017-APR11  Legislative Council Select Committee on the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Bill 2012

2017-NOV14  Sale of Tasmanian Hardwood Timber Plantation Rights – Noting

2014-NOV18  Tasmanian Industrial Hemp Industry

2017-NOV14  Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd – Future Management of Water Rights & Associated Assets – Appointment of Select Committee

2017-NOV28  Tasmanian Parliament – Current Size

2015-OCT27  TasWater Annual Report 2015-15 – Consideration & Noting

2017-AUG15  TasWater – Control by Tasmanian Government

2017-APR04  Appointment of a Select Committee – Government’s Control of TasWater

2017-SEP21  Tuesday Sitting Commencement Time

2017-NOV14  University of Tasmania Annual Report 2016 – Consideration & Noting

2014-AUG19 The Women’s Legal Service Tasmania